Ex called me after three months? Didn't answer because phone was on silent?

So so confused. I haven't been talked to my ex of 8 months, my first boyfriend, for the past three months. I'm 19, he's 24. These past four months have been very hard/emotional since this was my first breakup. Reason of the breakup: he became sexually pressuring. (I'm a virgin, he's not). Almost lost my v-card. Got mad at me when I didn't give him oral. Became disrespecting, dishonest, and apathetic as I do have anxiety. Couldn't handle it anymore.
A month after the breakup: saw him at a concert with a new girl. Saw them flirt. He saw me and acted like he didn't know me. New girl even smiled at me. (Hurt so so so bad).
He then two weeks later sent me a text, and was like, "hey how are you?" at 1 in the morning. When I didn't respond, he asked me if he should delete my number. Didn't respond. Was too emotionally hurt.
Didn't hear anything from September.
Now since the breakup, I have been gradually working on myself. Although I do have depressive episodes, I have improved my makeup and fashion, and I am also seeing a therapist for my anxiety and dysfunctional home.
So as I was doing my hw, I checked my phone and saw a missed call from him. My phone was on silent. I was like OMG. I won't lie, I think about him everyday. He was my best friend since November. I opened up to him in many aspects. Now I feel like he has something important to say. I didn't want to call back as that would have appeared needy. I'm just shocked because I thought he deleted my number all this. He didn't leave a message. As I am trying to move on, I am now ready to hear what he has to say as I am not emotionally hurt like before. I'm just afraid he won't call anymore..
And it's funny cause my mom and I talked about him earlier today. She hates him now.
I don't even know if I should tell mom this.


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  • I am a boy so that I can easily understand what he wants from u. He wants to be with u just for sex. If someone really loves he can insist u to do sex against ur will.
    I was in relationship with my girlfriend for 7 years n 8 months n v never did sex because she was not comfortable and I did not want to do any forcefully bcoz we loved each other..


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  • Congratulations you are in a powerful position.
    Remember how bad it felt when you saw him at that concert? Well hold into that feeling... and be proud that you've gotten to this point.
    You've shown that you are valuable and confident and you deserve better than a pathetic hurtful man like him.

    To be blatantly honest... What is there to say really? What could be so important 8 months later that's going to change anything? And should you care?

    If it's that important he will contact you again. But I'm pretty sure it won't be anything worth your while. Be strong.. remember the pain this man put you through.

    If he calls again. Ignore the call. Wait an hour or so then text "You called me?" if you really want to hear out his lame "I miiissss yooooou" bullshit but that's all it's going to be.

    • Yeah. Girl, I'm not going to forget. So as I do have anxiety, I started to freak out. I know for a fact that I wasn't going to call back. Had to keep my dignity. My close friends advised me to sent hm a text to see why he called. So I sent him, "Hello. Missed call. Was busy. What's up?" today and he replies with "Wanted to check on you. How are you" Haven't replied.

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