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After 8 months of not speaking to my ex I called him to see if he had some papers of mine that are important. I was living with him for 6months for I changed my main home address for his address since I was living with him. And today I called him to see if he had them I spoke very nicely, and as soon as I said My name there was a bit of slience then he said "mannnnnnnn" and hung up and even blocked the number. All I wanted was a yes or no? Like was it wrong of me to call for my paperwork. Does he hate me that much? It was a 6 yr relationship.


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  • Dude is still holding a grudge and that is sad

    • Yea it's very frustrating especially when I'm calling about something important I never bugg him. So it's annoying that he's still acting very childish.

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    • Yeah I first left him a text being extremely polite and I called figured he didn't get it , and when he answered he was rude and hung up I'm sure he feels bad now that I'm
      Sure he read the text and the only reason I was calling was for something important and nothing else he probably feels so stupid now

    • Yea you are likely right but his man pride will not apologize and get, you what you want

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  • It depends on how and why the relationship ended

  • Guess he does hate you a lot.


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