What’s going on with him?

I went on a date with my crush/friend. Things went well but the next day he said he’s sorry but he doesn’t want a relationship we’ll just go back to being friends. I said sure it’s ok with me. Even though I’d rather be in a relationship but I can’t force it lol.
Today I went to his place for dinner with a bunch of friends. when I got there it was fine we talked about our day and whatever but as more people arrived I guess he felt awkward even though nobody knows we even tried to make a thing. And he legit didn’t even look at me the whole time unless I specifically spoke to him.
Maybe like I have 0 evidence but maybe could it be because he does have feelings and is conflicted since he says he doesn’t want a relationship?
I personally don’t feel like things should be awkward between us. We didn’t see each other naked like nothing really happened. We just made out a bit after the date. We went out and decided not to continue. By his decision even...

What could be the cause of this strange behavioral change?


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  • Confront him.
    Ask him what his problem is.
    Don't let him confuse u like this.
    U can't live according to him.
    He went out with you.
    He doesn't want a relationship.
    The least he could do is be normal now.
    N if it's too awkward for him, maybe it's best if you avoided each other for a while till he makes up his mind.

    • I was thinking of not seeing him for a bit. But that isn’t practice we have mutual friends and hang out a lot. And we’re going to an out of town conference together with one other mutual friend so I really want things to work out.

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    • That’s what I’ll do. I mean of course I was sad about the situation but I have no hard feelings. I can’t force him to want something he doesn’t and if things were reversed I’d like him to handle it this way as well.

    • Yeah.
      Good luck!

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  • Don't take it personally,
    Let him go and have his time,
    Sometimes guys are not sure , let him figure out shit.

    • Is there a chance he’ll change his mind and want a relationship? I just want to know what to expect...

    • He said he needs time,
      Maybe there is another woman in the picture, maybe he is busy with his life, watever
      Give him the time he wants,
      What to expect? Well anything from him calling and asking you on a date or never hearing from him, be ready
      What I would suggest you to do is keep your options open, keep dating other guys,

  • He may have thought he was into, you and found, you attractive but after making out he found he felt, nothing special with you

    • Fine but why make things awkward. I told him I had a good time with him and am fine with being friends. Like all this was his choice even

    • Also I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. I mean he could’ve said things he did just to be polite and stuff but I’m fairly certain that he did feel something but Just doesn’t want a relationship...

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  • Hmm it's difficult. Sometimes you kinda like a person as a friend but you think maybe there's the potentially for something more... So you test the waters with a kiss but it feels wrong... So now things are awkward and you know just staying as friends is the best thing to do but it's now awkward cause you've crossed a line.

    I say give yourselves some space for a bit.


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