Guys, Women with debts?

Women with debts can ruin a relationship really bad especially when they knew about and fix it up themselves. What you do men think about this?


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  • i think anything as long as its not really bad can be fixed with communication and compromise, yet many people just don't care anymore to talk things out. If I had a girlfriend in massive debt, even if she tells me later on, i would try to help her.

    • Its not worth it if they continue to put more effort once you tell them to save a certain amount

    • i'd rather get rid of the debt quick than to have it pile up

    • If your partner is from another and explain to them that your paying the greencard and stop at a certain point what you do then? That's what im saying can't be spending funds on past debts you to be on top of things. Beyond. Not having past payments.

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