Was he not into me or emotionally unavailable?

Hello everyone,

i recently got dumped by my boyfriend of 5 months out of the blue. We got into our first argument right before the break-up. I was pretty upset at him for not replying to my message for 6 hours. He then apologized stating that he thought he replied. He then started saying that he feels like he's not being a good boyfriend and that I deserve better. He said there's something preventing him from giving me attention. He can't pinpoint what this feeling is. Then the conversation led to him saying that maybe he's not ready for a relationship because being a boyfriend feels like a chore. He then said there are times where he wants to just be left alone.
Its hard for me to tell if he's emotionally unavailable or not that into me. I met him 3 months after his break up with his previous ex but he told me he was over it because he was the one to dump her and he knew it would end.


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  • I would say he he is emotionally unavailable

  • Emotionally unavailable ! 100%


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