Do you have an ex who won't move on?

I have one ex who does not move on. Its kind of annoying since we went out TEN years ago when I was 14 and yet he continues to try and contact me to make things work. It was an innocent high school relationship no sex involved. I just find this a little bizarre. I do have an ex who I still have feelings for but I don't continue to go out of my way bothering him about it. So do you have an ex who's like mine?


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  • Hello,

    cant say I have an ex like that but I do know people like that.. its kinda sad really.. I've recently been dumped and even though I still have feelings for her I've got a date this weekend with another girl..

    life needs to go on but for some people its just not that simple.. the irony is once he finds someone else he will be able to move on but he needs to take that step..

  • Yea, I got 1 from 12 years ago. She doesn't live near me but I heard she is moving back here to where I live at the end of the month (lucky me). It's different if you truly love a person but when it becomes an infatuation and for that long it's just wrong.


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