My ex girlfriend seems really upset. Why?

She broke up with my and said she needed space. I respected it. Didn’t chase and went straight to no contact. Although it was tough because we go to the same classes. She expected me to chase.

right after the break up, played mad mind games with me. Flirted with guys, hot and cold, and all that kind of stuff. Everybody saw the games. That was 5 months ago when she broke up with me.

now at class, she seems very bitter and upset. Any girl I talk too, she would give a dirty look to them. She will always be staring at me. One night I got FaceTime called for a couple rings from her. Liked an Instagram photo.

anywways, I ended up blocking her off of social media. Comes in to class being loud and obnoxious not wanting to be there.

someone give me your thoughts please?

is she over me?


Most Helpful Girl

  • She is not over you, and probably regrets dumping you. She probably thought you would beg her to go back to you. Her mind games are not working, so she is getting even more pissed off!

    Good for you for sticking to your guns. She made her bed. She is the one to sleep in it! Even if it is uncomfortable!


Most Helpful Guy

  • Blocking was the right move. She may not be "over" you but it doesn't matter. You can't feed that behavior by giving her the attention she wants. I'd say avoid contact as much as possible but sounds like that may be easier said than done in the short term with class and all. Best of luck to you!


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  • She was probably crying out for help when dumping you. Something might have been wrong in the relationship and she didn't know how else to get ur attention. Maybe what she expected is that you would fight for he and the relationship. U didn't, which could have left her feeling that she was right, you didn't care and that hurt more. She wanted to make you jealous, she wanted you to want her cos she still wanted you. You didn't budge. You see sometimes when a girl dumps a guy, its not because we are ready to move on. It's because we are tired of something in the relationship that after so much effort does not seem to change or work.


What Guys Said 1

  • No. Just go up to her in front of everyone and ask politely what her problem is. Point out her behavior towards you and that she is the one who dumped you. Then say now this is just childish, know what you want and act on it. It's like this. You either shit or get off the pot man


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