Why me I always end up alone?

Am I treat him to good I one getting left broken up with next girl calls and he's broke up with me confuse me I don't cheat I do for him ain't hideous but girl after me very unattractive different sort of trashy but it's her he stays with then they break up she calls me. seen him he was try to be how we started I stay a night or so then he has me go and he see another I said no and he said k


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  • Guys like trash girls. Some are dirty in bed and dress sexy all the time. Get a little trashier, talk dirty, and don't be a downer. Keep a smile on your face :)

    • I can't fake be me lol I got a way of not talking so great I have adhd an mild tourrets I get shy

    • Then Give him good sex

  • Dafuq did i just read


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