Ex girlfriend says im insecure/egoistic?

So I've broken up.
My girlfriend said im egoistic because whenever we argue im always saying that 'I want her to tell me what she wants instead of closing up' I blamed her for always answering short sentences or one word replies.

And she blamed me for not caring about her wellbeing but instead focusing on the state of our relationship.

But the thing is when I ask her about her day or anything going on in her life she always goes 'great, fine, was ok'.
I deal with her behavior for a while and then i snap and ask for reasons for her behavior telling her that it hurts my feelings but then she refuse to talk about the situation etc.. And in the end blames me for annoying her.

I dont know if i was missing something there.


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  • This is both of you. She has a communication issue if she doesn't respond with more than a few words. Something she has to work on. You need to learn to be more patient and calm. Instead of going off on her, come to her and show that you are concerned. You have to make it seem like you want to know about her day. She may not feel you do with the way you communicate

  • She sounds like a slow and steady kind of gal. If you can't handle that now, then it's for the best that you've broken up.

    People like that tend to be more quiet, introverted, and reserved--reserved being that they are cautious and slow about self-disclosure. When they do disclose and get close, though, they are loyal and make good friends.

    Yelling at them is going to be an immediate no-no, and they overall handle stressful and confrontational situations poorly. You need patience and to be soft-spoken; let them disclose and become intimate (psychologically) at their own pace. Just be there for them and be low-pressure.


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