My ex wants me back but I'm going between loving him, wanting him back and hating his sorry ass. Is it normal? How can I stop going back and forth?

I'd want to give him another chance, our breakup was totally unnecessary and due to the only real fight we've ever had (it was about his crazy ex that got jealous and started sabotaging our relationship), but I don't know what to do. I do love him and want him back, but at the same time I'm so angry at him (for the breakup) that I feel like I truly hate him at times. How can I calm down my feelings and make a decision? What do I do?


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  • Write down the good and bad qualities of him and the relationship. Make a logical decision based off the FACTS and not the emotions or heart. Once you have all the logical facts then it becomes easier to make a decision. Taking a ex back is something I think at first sounds like a wonderful idea, especially if you still have really strong feelings but assess the underlying issues and factors. Also, often there is a reason why it ended. Sure in your case, yes, there was a jealous ex but why was that enough to drive you two away from each other? Surely if you two were strong you would have been able to work through it together instead of breaking up? I am just trying to get some thoughts for you to get started on the thinking process.


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