Will he eventually realize that it was wrong?

My ex broke up with me, and then, we (me and him) decided to try and fix our relationship. However, I found out that he was seeing another girl. We never agreed on seeing other people in the meantime. He did not tell me about it (him dating while we were trying to fix things), or anything. He also lied about few things. So, I confronted him about it, but, instead, he blamed me for it. Therefore, I decided to cut all ties with him. Now, even though I still love him, I'm trying to move on.
All this happened in less than 3 months.
by the way he called me crazy either for finding out about the girl or for finding out that he was lying


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  • That is the classic sign of a narccassit. Move on young one.

    • narccassit, can you explain to me what that is?

    • It is a person that thinks that whatever happens to them is not their fault. They blame everything and everyone for their faults. They judge others for things that they themselves are doing.
      It's a terrible thing to try to talk to them. They will never change until a very drastic event happens.

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