I’m confused... why did he do these things? Confusing behavior?

He dumped me.. said “it’s over” and “move on”. We aren’t even on talking terms right now. But..
One: messaged me a lot and called twice just to apologize for being mean when I texted him, saying things like “(my name)?” “Please I’m sorry” when I was out.
Two: said if I didn’t stop messaging him he’d block me. He blocked me. Later, hours later, he unblocked and said “are you done?” Why unblock?
Three: got really jealous, and I’m not imagining that either.
Four: said “bye” again after the last time he said it, ten to thirty mins later, like he’s coming back.

I asked him “why do you confuse me” then he said “bye” and blocked me.


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  • The behavior is due to him wanting to be pursued, the enjoyment of punishing you is his way of getting attention. In most cases, people do these things if another person is pursuing them harder than their partner. Guilty consciousness strikes when the pursuit is over and they are alone again.

    It's a vicious cycle that ends up with you being continually hurt. The relationship will pair up then moments down the road happen again.

    Tread lightly when he speaks to you and make it clear as to what you want. If he acts as if if he's not affected by it then cut ties and safe yourself the heartache.


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  • that dude just crazy, block and leave at block and move on girl


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  • He need a psychiatrist
    Or you are too annoying for him

    Don't over react to his chat

    Talk as short as you can
    If you want him to answer things don't spam his inbox

  • Come let's have a chat with me.
    If you are free.


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