Survival stories...After break up?

I have been broken up from my first ex boyfriend for almost a year now. I know some people are gonna read this a say A YEAR and you are not over him yet? He was my first and I never had to deal with losing someone that I love/rejection. So this year has been hard for me. I am crying a little now.

How did you guys get through the pain?

How long did it take to get over them?

Did you finally meet someone who loves you?


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  • i get through the pain, just concentrating in my goals and to reach them, by that time. Also spending my time at college going out with my friends. Also I went to a psychologist, because my break up was hard, I was going to marry him. I take more than a year to get over it. I had few relationship, but haven't work. But I have reached some of my goals, and someday I will find someone that really love me. So I have keep going. But first you must get over, bet happy with you, if you are going to star a new relationship with someone in the future.

    After 10 years, my first boyfriend contact me and told me he was sorry and that he realize the big mistake he did.

    • R you serious? why did he say that

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