Relationship of 3 + years?

Dating someone for 3 plus years and they forgot to say happy birthday to you. Not intentional but possibly they were stressed and just slipped their mind, would you forgive them or break up?


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  • I have forgotten my birthday before and I've forgotten other people's even if I was reminded on Facebook. I'd mention it to them gently but without pointing fingers. It isn't the sort of thing to get your panties in a twist about, it's just an honest human mistake

    • See I wasn't even allowed to make up for it. She just... gave up :(

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    • That's good for you. I'm working on trying to find happiness for myself before I find someone again :)

    • Same for me!

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  • I'd forgive them. It's not a big deal. I don't get people's hang ups on if their spouse forgot about what day it was. I forget where i put things some times, its the same damn thing.


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  • I would forgive them. Breaking up over something like that seems a little overkill.

    • See that's what I thought Too! I couldn't believe it when she wanted to break up. It was like. Wtf?

  • I would never break up for something as tiny and insignificant as that.


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