Do you think he’s really done with me?

I really messed up this morning.
I have a guy friend who i’ve been messing with for 6 months. We have an excellent vibe. We’re not together, just something casual. And we get along together great.
I’m 17 and he’s 20.
This morning he drove me back to my friend’s house after i spent the night at his place. I’m not a drinker, this was the only the second time I’d ever gotten drunk. But I was drunk that morning and i REALLY was not myself. I simply was not myself at all.
I was pushing up on him and i basically refused to leave his car for 45 minutes unless he let me perform oral sex on him again.
I was really on some creepy rapist type of stuff. I even cried a little at one point. And i really pissed him off. I was being immature, childish, weird, creepy, and annoying.

And in all honesty i think my drink may have been laced by someone.

We’ve been messing with each other for 6 months. So he knows who i am and what i’m about and he knows that i wasn’t myself this morning. He said he wouldn’t hold it against me but i’m sure he said that just so i would get out of the car. Once i finally left he started texting me telling me i’m barred (which means i’m cut off from him), that he’s blocking me, and not to text him anymore. He said he was blocking me but I don’t think he has. He was responding to my texts. And hours later when i sobered up and apologized, he told me to stop texting him and that i’m barred and that’s that.

He started tweeting about the situation tonight. Saying i was on some spooky stuff and i must’ve been on drugs and blah blah blah. We don’t have the same friends group so i’m not afraid of him “exposing” me.

I’m giving him his space for a couple of weeks but is there any advice? Do you think he’s truly done with me?

I was so out of my element i don’t even understand. The thought of me being drugged is scary. And i hope he understands that i wasn’t myself.

I accept full responsibility of the situation regardless of wether i was drugged.
Do you think he’s really done with me?
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