For the Ex who betrayed... Is it Possible?

I hope its not offensive to ask... Its just out of curiosity..

After you betrayed in your past relationship. Is there a chance that you miss something to his/her action and compared to your present relationship? Do you also wonder what is happening to her and felt guilty afterwards?For the Ex who betrayed...Is it Possible??


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  • yes why not?
    not all guys/girls are 100% perfect. you may find something good in your ex. but try to focus on current relation and look positive thing in him. don't expect and compare him with your ex. because your ex betrayed you even after he was having that particular property.
    if she is my ex means she is ex. memories of past should not affect my present. as i said i will not try to compare both.

    • Thanks for sharing your opinion but my question was preferring to the person who'smade disloyalty...:)

    • i think you want to know if he values your loyalty... i don't think so , because he is himself not loyal

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  • sure it's possible

    • Really... why you say so?

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  • Maybe sometimes.

    But the price of betrayel is huge.

  • Why should you care about them?
    Imho all cheaters should be sent to concetration camps 👏

    • 😂Coz im curious... 😉

    • I guess most of them feel guilty sometimes, but then again never guilty enough...

  • She isn't worth the thought


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