Can I take my ex girlfriend back?

We were together and living in relationship for two years. I found out that she was cheating behind me. Initially she denied and later apologized. Few months after, I caught her red-handed with her colleague. She requested me to give her another chance but I broke up with her.
In last six months, I dated couple of girls but didn't click. I still have strong feelings for my ex. She is continuously chasing me and trying to get get back to me. Some days she sends about twenty odd texts though I don't reply. Shall I take her back? I am utterly confused..


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  • Only take her back if you can handle getting cheated on again - because it will happen. Just because you haven't found the right next one yet doesn't mean you won't. Dating her again will prevent you from finding the next one.

    • Thanks very much. I definitely understand what you are saying. I am thinking in the similar lines.
      However, just because I lived with her for two years... it's not easy to ignore her and... just move on...

    • I lived with my ex for 4 years, and when we broke up he had to live here for a few more months after that. It isn't easy, but if you don't do it, you won't find someone better. Trust me, for every cheater there's tons more who aren't.

    • Thanks very much for sharing your experience. That's reassuring.
      I am going to meeting someone this weekend. Let's see how it goes

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  • Dude.. she cheated on you not once but twice and she can do it again. she is just bored so she wants to play with you. don't flow with your imotions and make it clear to her that you don't want to be with her. Trust me she is bad for you.


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  • What has changed since when you broke up and now? How has she shown and proven she has changed?

    • Thanks for your response. Well, she is still single for sure. Her friend and sister been telling me that she was feeling guilty about what happened. Ex been consistently trying hard to get back.
      In all honesty, she is very good looking. She could have moved on within no time. Many guys are after her.

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    • The fact she wasn’t apologetic at the time makes it seem as though she only regrets it because she’s seen how good it was/could have been, not because she was particularly sorry for doing it.
      It’s a personal choice, only you know her and can make the judgement

    • Yes, you are right. She didn't know really how good it was.
      I don't deny the fact that it was the most intense relationship that I had till everything happened. That's why it hurts more harder.

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  • Just leave her, let some time to you, a 2 years relation can't be erased in 6 month.
    You'll meet someone who have loyalty

  • If you're ok with being a cuckold, take her back. Be open about it though or it will tear you apart


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