Have you ever wanted to get him back after dumping him?

My girlfriend dumped me a few days ago bc she lost feelings for me. She was feeling depressed last few months and she told me that she has no feelings but I think that depression made her do it.

We've been together for 10 months. She still wants to stay in touch (she insisted to and said that she would be very sad if we brake up the contact... I said I dont care about it and we changed a few more words and now.. SILENCE )

NOW , can I ignore her for a few weeks and do my stuff and hope that she'll get her feelings back for me? Text her and ask to talk maybe? Bc I did this to my ex 2yrs ago without noticing and she was even more crazy about me (I didn't want to be with her again, and she is still crazy abut me , after 2yrs)

First I will ask her friends (also my friends) to make her think about it , then post some pics on insta and hope for the best. It worked once , should the 2nd time too.


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  • Girls can be different than guys. When we break up, the first couple weeks are great and then we start missing the ex. Girls have almost the opposite effect.. for the first couple weeks they are sad, but once they are over you, they are over you.

    • So you are saying if I plan something , it should be in range of a week or two?

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    • Yep, if she's already lost feelings then I see what you mean. Best course of action is to give her the space she needs and try to appear like you are not bothered. Honestly, try your way after about a week/week and a half and then you might need to make her jealous.

    • Thanks for your help! With acting that I dont need her , I'll really forget her and if she doesn't want anything from me well... I made 2 steps foreward and I won't take it too emotional.

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