Guys, if you could give ONE tip on getting your man back, what would it be?

i miss him, I'm desperate. ill do anything how can I get him to want me back?


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  • did you break up with him or the other way around?

    it all depends on the reasons for break up.

    a little honesty mixed with a little (little little) bit of jealousy and some seduction should do the trick.

    too much jealous making can blow up in your face and cauterize any feelings he still may have.

    • We were never official we talked for 6 months. I ended things with him multiple times throughout cause I wanted a relationship and he didn't. so what should I do.. any examples? I really miss him

  • You cant, either he wants to be with you or he doesnt, if he doesn't come back then he's not into you


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