If my ex-girlfriend tries talking to me only weeks after she broke it off, should I respond back to her?

I need some help with this please.


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  • if I broke it off with a guy, I'd try to stay friends anyways. I hate when the person you were dating cared so much before but when it's over they act like you are the plague. it hurts even if you did the breakup. id talk to her but not mean nor flirty. and don't try to make her jealous that will most likely backfire on you


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  • Depends on why she broke it off, did she meet someone else done that now what's back etc if she wants to talk let her do the talking don't have to agree or disagree just listen to what she has to say ...

    • She broke it off because she said she didn't feel the same way about me anymore as she did when we first got together. That's what she said. She sent me a text asking me how I was doing and how things were going but I know for a fact that she still talks to her previous exes and is still friends with them so is that what she's looking for now or is she looking to get back together. What do you think?

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