Messy break up my fault?

I was with a guy for nearly a year we’d been on and off in between but he came back quite strong and said he wanted to work things out with me. A couple of months in and he started getting busy again. He had legitimate reasons and would tell me whenever he had plans beforehand. After a while he stopped letting me know and was forgetting to reply to my texts. I was really busy at the time too but I always made time for him. When I told him that I dont understand why he couldnt text me and that I want to hear from him since we were almost in daily contact before that, he got really angry and said that he needs to go about his own life. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and thought that maybe I was too pushy so I apologised. He ignored me for a whole week after which I decided to end things with him. He said absolutely nothing and just disappeared. I really liked him and I was really confused since he always said he really liked me too. I keep feeling like it was my fault.


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  • it's messy break up, but It's your fault, both of you.
    that relationship was an open without commitment or rules, so it's easy for him to go in or out of your life.
    you may be confused about what's going on, but what matters is how you feel about yourself to determine if that relationship might delay your progress in life or not.

    If you want an honest opinion, I'll tell you...
    that person doesn't help you to grow your mentally and emotionally, and he won't give you much more because that's his potential and that's his style to live his own life without responsibility and maturity.

    If you think what happened was your fault, then I think you owe yourself a new start.
    sorry, but you've to move on.

    Good luck...

    • Thank you for your message.. Im trying really hard to tell myself that I deserve to move on!
      This was my first proper relationship (I dont even know if you can call it that) but it had me wondering about how relationships are supposed to be. I felt like I was wrong for asking for more time, attention or feeling important in somebody’s life and that maybe I was going about it wrong. Its going to take me a while to recover from this, but I’ll try. Thank you!

    • you're welcome.

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