Messy break up my fault?

I was with a guy for nearly a year we’d been on and off in between but he came back quite strong and said he wanted to work things out with me. A couple of months in and he started getting busy again. He had legitimate reasons and would tell me whenever he had plans beforehand. After a while he stopped letting me know and was forgetting to reply to my texts. I was really busy at the time too but I always made time for him. When I told him that I dont understand why he couldnt text me and that I want to hear from him since we were almost in daily contact before that, he got really angry and said that he needs to go about his own life. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and thought that maybe I was too pushy so I apologised. He ignored me for a whole week after which I decided to end things with him. He said absolutely nothing and just disappeared. I really liked him and I was really confused since he always said he really liked me too. I keep feeling like it was my fault.
Messy break up my fault?
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