Why does a guy says he HATES his Ex-girlfriend?

Me and my ex had a short relationship (3 months) but we were really serious in our relationship he loved me and I loved him and we were just one of these really happy and in love couples but after 3 months everything went downhill he would ignore me for days and what I would guess is that he had some issues but he would never tell what really was going on so out of anger I broke up with him... we also had a secret relationship so that would make things more difficult I was a bitch for break up through text but I also couldn't see him for 5 months now he just keep saying that he hates me and if I invite him to hanf out with other friends he would decline but when its at someone others house he would go even if I am theree... I know that my parents were disaproval towards him but I just wished he knew I was doing this the whole group wouldn't fall apart... but I juat don't understand why he wouls say he hates me all the damn time


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  • Give it time , give him time to think about things, if it happens try to work things out together


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  • He isn't over her and still likes her. Otherwise he wouldn't have such a strong reaction


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