What do I do about this relationship?

What should I do about this relationship?

I am 26 and he is 23. We started as F buddies 2 years ago then turned into bf/gf 1 yr ago. Did the casual thing and it worked great cause he didn’t want anything serious and I didn’t either (lost my virginity to him.) He said I love you first, first date was a trip to Vegas, wanted to move in together (we went to a lender earlier this year) talked about babies and he even mentioned a ring. Then I found out earlier this year that he was always messing around with girls. We continued seeing each other. Things were working well then months later he became distant, less texts, no effort to see me, said I irritated him and would not talk to me much on those many trips we took. He said we fought on trips but they were all small arguments that he started. Once got mad at how I was holding a Pizza wrong. Last month, after a trip, days without texting, I finally texted saying hi hope hope all is well. He said yes and said have a pleasant night. I told him we need to talk. He said about what? He didn’t want to hear me out. He said I don’t want to do this anymore, asked for a break to think and ended with I love you enjoy the break. Later apologized said he was drunk but that this was good for us anyways. He said I went overboard with him asking for distance? That I did nothing wrong cause I asked if I did. I was the best gf-nice, gave him space, loving, loyal, honest, gave him gifts/trips, understanding etc
haven’t seen him in a month and last we texted was 6 days ago.
he is bipolar, drug and alcohol addict that was abandoned and adopted as a baby with a history of many gfs.


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  • Look princess you deserve more than that I'm 20 I own my own business. He got what he wanted and now he is gone see me I want to be with someone who loves to travel and live life to the fullest he is a little boy he got mad at you over how you ate your food how ridiculous is that

    • Thanks. You're like me love to travel, experience new things and live life because tomorrow is not guaranteed. You have a good head on your shoulders for being so young! I have two jobs and the second is my business. Yeah I was holding a pizza box wrong in his eyes but that is because I had my hands full with other stuff (we were grocery shopping and he had taken the cart.) He also got mad because he missed an exit when he was taking me home after a trip. He said that is why you don't direct or something like that. he's so negative and easily annoyed its ridiculous. I don't know I loved him and it hurts.

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    • Yes everyday but I could be making more
      Lol sell water to the ocean

    • Really lol my daddy's are so Porsche

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  • This guy is very inconsistent and hasn't shown to actually care about you. Try to occupy your mind with other things to get your mind off him and eventually you'll find someone who cares

    • Yes very inconsistent. All talk and no actions. I question if he did really care or love me. He was always worried about me and would take care of me when we were away. I want to talk to him one last time about us and tell him this was never a real relationship it was an almost relationship because he never put in any effort. I want to swear off guys. I have been occupying myself with Work, killing myself with it, changing me, new tattoos, I lost a few lbs, went shopping lol

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    • Have you taken things slowly when starting off with guys? Maybe you just need more time to get to know them to find one that's good

    • I always take things slow. Its guys that rush things. I'm the good girl hah always have been. Guys just take advantage of that. He rushed things by wanting to move in together when we never discussed how serious we were after we switched from f buddies to bf/gf. He casually asked me to be his girlfriend by asking if it was okay with me to call me his girlfriend. He said I already spend all my time with you. He kept saying I love you over and over and I wouldn't say it. He would hold my face and look into my eyes saying he was serious and asked me several times to say it back but I couldn't. Then one day I did. Big mistake.

  • You’re dating an alcoholic junkie? Wtf is wrong with you?

    • I know right? More like was dating. Don't know where things stand now. I myself am damaged (not like that) and I'm too kind. I give people second chances and try to see the good. He never yelled at me and never was abusive. He needs help I told him but he won't get it.

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    • None of that will work till he stops using. There’s nothing you can do and you know it. Stop being an enabler and let him self destruct. If he doesn’t die from it first it’s the only way he’ll quit and seek help

    • I know. I've been around users before. He likes destruction and said it wasn't my concern when I told him he was damaging himself, slowly killing himself. You can't help who you fall for. I fought it but then I couldn't it. I'm afraid he will die soon since he uses and drinks everyday.

  • Lol dump him.

    • I should right but it’s hard cause I do care and learned to love him.

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    • Then I can't exactly dump him right? lol I'm just gonna talk with him and tell him this was all never a real relationship and this meant nothing.

    • Sounds good

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