Why would he do that? So annoying?

My ex broke up with me and had his friend call me off of a fake number acting like we met at a bar before and I don't even go to bars so I knew it was him messing around.

He still won't admit its him but I tested him by saying I have a boyfriend and I'm with him right now lol and my ex texted me off his number super pissed asking if he left his wallet in my car a week ago lol how childish...


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  • Did you broke him up or he broke you up? Because guys will always work hard for a woman he still interest in.

    • I got mad and said I'm done with him out of anger. I didn't mean it then he said don't come back. He is done with me. Then he does this.

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    • He has a mental illness so it is very hard to be rational with him. People with mental illnesses think like children. His way of showing me he loves me, is by being a child. Its difficult.

    • Well do you really care for him? If you do you need to help him... Accompany him to psychiatrist and other professional

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