Ex girlfriend wants to stay in touch so bad after dumping me. She texts random messages? PLS HELP?

She said she lost feelings for me but wanted to stay in touch with.

I wasn't trying to contact her since we broke up 3 days ago. Today when I was in school she sent me a pic of her new boots she ordered 1month ago.

I replid " oh they are great but on what clothes do they match? "
She: "oh , on t-shirts with jeans , dress , on everything"

I won't reply to this bc I dont have anything to say. I'll reply tommorow. I'll post some pics of me that she liked on insta and hope to get her feelings back.



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  • She dumped you. You do not owe her anything. Stop replying. She wants you to be there while she healing and getting used to be single. Until she over you... She will get rid of you

    • But what if I want to be with her again? I can't just text her and ask for it... ?

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    • Thanks for your help , I'll have to move on :D

    • you will. it will be hard at first but you will. all the best

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  • She is emotionally confused and doesn't know what she wants so you should find a different girl because if she lost feelings for you then she wouldn't be so desperate for your attention but if you confront her she'll act surprised and try to pin it on you

    • You mean I should try to make her jealous or just find another girls (just for my convenience)?

    • find another girl, don't let her get satisfaction off you when she should be burning in a fire pit

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  • It sounds like she really is trying to be your friend and wants you still in her life, it's not a bad thing but you may not be able to handle it. It's always best to verbalize things to people. Just tell her hey it's too soon and you need distance to get over her and that you'll be back one day to continue the friendship.

  • This is why there is a block button. I hate when women say let's stay friends. It's bulls#$%. 9 times out of 10 it means hey it didn't work out, but I want to keep you on the back burner so incase the guy I'm currently fu$#ing doesn't work out I can get you back..

    Your best bet is to block and ignore her. Don't play her games.

  • Block her, erase her from your life. I think it's the healthier solution for you


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