Guy says something weird?

we where talking about my expectations. We have been dating a few months and he says I expect too much all at once from him. That I want him to give me his all right away and that takes time. He said originally he wanted to just have sex once with me but he ended up liking me. Says his fav part of me is my personality and I'm his bestie. now here we are on the verge of breaking up. He has become distant won't answer me. Can someone explain his behavior please


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  • You can do a few things.

    You can comfront him

    You can try to get the information from him or his/your (shared) friends as to see why he suddenly acts like that.

    Maybe he is done playing around and tries to get you to break up.


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  • He's sick of having sex with you. I love strawberry ice cream, but after a while, I like to try other flavours. Time for you both to move on.

  • He's simply playing hard to get.


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