What is the beat way to ask, not accuse her of cheating?

I have a serious intuition that my girlfriend is cheating on me. It's really all I have. No real proof, just a gut feeling. And I want to know the truth so I don't continue to waste my time and relive my

past. So I ask what is the best way to ask her if she has been faithful to me?Without accusing her that is..How can I just simply ask her and is it a tell tale surefire sign that she is cheating if she gets defensive? Someone help. I can't live my life not knowing whether or not she is a whore in sheep's clothing


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  • just kinda bring it up..."i have a random question, have you ever cheated on any of your boyfriends in the past" if she says yes, ask if she regretted doing it...if she says no then ask "have you ever cheated or thought of cheating on me?" ... if she gets defensive, tell her to relax, explain your situation that you;'ve been cheated on before, that its not that you don't trust her, but you don't want to fall for her and then be hurt if there's something going on...she should understand how you feel and she should comfort you in a way to make you feel that its OK to open up to her and that she'd never do that...if she can't understand that then id say f it and find another girl...make it clear you're not accusing her, you're just sacred because your feelings get stronger for her and you just want to protect yourself...

    good luck man, I hope for the best


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  • She will probably get defensive either way. Everyone is different but it can be offensive to someone who gets asked that question. If you want to know, ask. There's no reason at all or anything that happened or anything she said that prompted it? Sometimes it's a person own insecurity that can cause that but my intuition has always been right.


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  • My suggestion is to go to cheaters.com and plead your case. They'll offer free services of private investagators. Maybe have a friend visit her at work to see if she's being extra flirtatious with anyone. It's a natural reaction to not trust anyone if you have been cheated on in the past. The only problem is if you directly ask her, you could drive her away. You could ask her if she is happy and satisfied with the relationship.

  • If you had evidence, I would have told you to hand it over, and ask her to explain it. You can't ask her to explain a "serious intuition", because that's your issue, not hers. You don't have proof, you have nothing. Swallow it.

    You may be right, but without proof, all you have is raw accusation--not the best way to open a discussion.

    • So you're saying I should stick it out until I have proof? A lot easier said than done for me

    • Imagine the conversation:

      "You're cheating!"

      "I'm not!"

      "You are!"

      "How can you say that?"

      "I have a serious intuition!"

      From here, it goes downhill, fast. Get some proof.

  • Bring it up in the neutral sense when the moment lends itself to it.. "Have any of your girlfriends cheated on their BF. The reason I am askingis a guy at school/work mentioned cheating on his gf."

  • Easy! :D Invite her to a restaurant, and chat to her, once you get in the convo. Tell her, Oh by the way, one of my friend found out that his girlfriend is cheating on him, what a slut she is. I really can't understand how he tolerated that.

    Now, if she carry on speaking with you on the same topic, Awesomesauce, she's is a trustworthy person, and you will never ever doubt her again ;)

    If she nervously tries to change the topic, well, awesome she is busted!

    Note: make sure there will be nothing that might interrupt the scene. =]

  • Ask yourself more times, would you believe if she would tell you that she has not cheated on you? If you can believe her words without more judging and asking, than ask.

    But, I fear that suspition has been eating for quite some time and simply "NO" would not do.

    So, think about how much are you close in other things, can you speak freely without any restrains about other things? If you do not have a good conversation, you could work on it and give it a try, or you could simply walk away.

    Living in doubts is NOT the way to do, and believe me, it will ruin other things that are good between you two...


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