Have you ever been heartbroken?

{I’m turning 18 in February}

i just had my first pre - heartbreak.

There was this girl I was talking to we got along so well
we talked for hours & told me how no other boy liked her
she said everyone else was mean to her & I was the only one who actually liked her.. so eventually I started really liking her
I wanted to be with her, & she basically tells me she wants to be with me
she gave me attention that I’ve never gotten from anyone

Then out of nowhere she send me screenshots of this other boys messages
some boy calling her sweet names
she’s replying with
“I love when you call me that”

just them flirting hard, like even though we never agreed to being together we were basically together.
. she made me think there was nobody else..

then after she sent me the screenshots she asked me if I was jealous.
I ignored her & when I did text back it was a no..
she asked if I was mad, I said no.
(I usually text her with paragraphs, vice versa)
then she got mad because I was taking too long to reply I guess
we basically went through a little breakup..

I do feel a little sick, so I know real heartbreaks must suck, but I’ll get over it.

I will say I’m done with girls when it comes to dating,
an actual heartbreak would tear me up.
I care too much, so I can’t let myself get heartbroken

I’ll date once I graduate college
or like around age 30

thought i finally had a girlfriend 😂, welp...
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Most Helpful Girl

  • She didn't want to break ur heart she just want to get u jealous and mad bc jealous guys r hot AF sometimes and sometimes girls just want a guy who cares


Most Helpful Guy

  • Honestly it's probably for the best, this happened to me once, I later found out she was emotionally abusive to her boyfriends. You may have dodged a bullet is what I'm trying to say


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  • My hearbreak is incresibly messed up. I won't fall for it again aha, you ain't alone OP

  • Yes, many times

  • Trust me you’ll find someone


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