Why is my ex making her parents and everyone around her hate me?

We broke up 2 months ago, and it was ugly. To make a long story short, my ex always fights with her mother, because quite frankly, there is something wrong with her mother. (always picking fights, etc.) Several months ago, they got into another fight and she came to me about it, and I got mad and called her mother a "F***ing B*tch", and at the time my ex totally agreed because she was mad too.

Anyways, I haven't talked to my ex in a whole 2 weeks (absolutely NO contact), and her mother texts me today and says she's sending the stuff of mine my ex had through the mail, and at the bottom, it said "The mother's name (or what you call me, 'F***ing B*tch' " So my ex obviously told her that I called her that MONTHS after the fact. So my question is, why would she tell her this when it happened so long ago? They are really spiteful people, and my ex is pretty much exactly the same as her mother, I think it's immature that her mother (49 years old) had to make contact with me, I was just minding my own business. I want some opinions on this. Thanks


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  • Ok, so her family argues and such like. Arguments are the result of lack of communication, not listening or understanding. Calling her mother such a name, no matter what the circumstances, is wrong. She is her mother, bottom line. It is not a nice thing to say.

    Your ex is obviously mad at you and cos she was so, she told her mother about what had happened. I do not understand why you would want to go out with someone, whom you say is spiteful and exactly like her mother, arguing and such like!

    Her mother is not immature for contacting you, it is your ex who is immature for not contacting you with regards your stuff, especially seen as your ex doesn't want to communicate with you.

    • I haven't spoke to her in nearly 2 weeks, and I was minding my own business, and she told her mother that just to make her family hate me, when I said it months ago and it's irrelavant to our situation now. yeah, it was wrong to call her mother that, but it was such a long time ago, and her own daughter (my ex) agreed that she is what I called her (of course she'll leave that part out because she's manipulative.)

    • Well your best leaving the situation alone. And have no contact with them. If they contact you, just ignore it. It is time you moved on and put this all behind you. If they try to involve you in stuff, just ignore them.

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  • You know what ...F****** it... I was in the same boat as you buddy and you should not let it bother you. do you really want to sit with that sh*t for years to come, until death do you part. she is the type that needs constant pitty , you must feel sorry for her all the time, I bet she also robbed your wallet ... The worst thing you can do back to her is silence no matter what she says or what she does ... for a ver long time ... this topic makes me so god damn angry that I want to burn something ...Have you ever called someones mother a F*** BITCCCH before? My Girlfriend 's mother gave me a blue eye because she asked me to poor her wine , I told her to get off her ass and do it herself and I got punched in the face for it. Her dad then also tried to punch me but he got a big fat surprise, I think his ears are still singing a tune. Next time you wil be more preparred and hopefully you won't come across this again. You need to take a stand against this low class scumbaggs!

    • Yeah, I ignored that text she sent me and I'm completely off her radar (for nearly 2 weeks now) I doubt she'll ever realize that she is a scumbag for continuing to start crap with me, and what she has put me through.

    • Dacy , just a word of advise , don't go back to her even if it burns you from the inside.... you can never truly fix a broken heart and if you go back then its going to be happy times for a little while , then it starts over again and your heart gets hurt again and again. people on this site begs for info on how to win ex back, well.... there are ways but I think the sucess rate for that must be Null so best you come to term with the fact that you are better off without her . Have a good one..

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