The guy, who the love of my life cheated on me with, just messaged me?

Shit is going sideways in my life and I'm not managing. I really want to die but I feel too guilty. Please help...


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  • Die for what? For a guy? Dude there are thousands of guys for you who won’t cheat. It’s just a phase of life. Let it pass.

  • What's wrong?

    • (I have depression and anxiety disorder)

      My family is falling apart. My dad had a brain tumor and a stroke and now most probably has prostate cancer. As a result of that we are now financially fucked. He's now like a shell of his former self. My moms boyfriend is verbally abusive. My matric finals are coming up in a week. I think my sister has depression aswell and now she's being fucked over by this one guy, i'm really worried about her. My ex is emotionally abusive and I'm just in so much pain watching her move on and I can't. I'm in so much pain...

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    • Next tackle the abusive boyfriend of mother. Figure out what makes him tick anf why he is abusive. Execute based on that.

      Next you will find you have long forgotten your ex because you've been so busy taking care of the things that actually matter to you in this life... specifically your dad, your sister, your mother and lastly and least importantly your dream.

      Now my friend, remember that you should only be tackling one problem at a time. Now go execute.

    • My friend, its super hard and I give you my utmost respect. If there's anything I want you to remember... its this:
      Its gonna be hard but it's more than possible.
      Go execute.

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  • Die? No. Heck no. When in hard times its always difficult to imagine and remember easier times. And likewise when in easy good times its difficult to remember the hard times. Hang in there my friend. I promise there are easier times ahead and I can also promise you will find someone a whole lot better.

    With regards to the guy who messaged you, don't reply. Instead be light hearted and laugh at the fact that he is dumb enough to date a girl who cheats... because guess what? Sooner or later she's gonna cheat on him too. It's always gonna end badly. You deserve better and you will get better.


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