How do you move on and pull?

i am currently going through a rough patch with my boyfriend and I now think we are on the verge of splitting up.. but the hardest part is staying away. how do you move on.. how do you get back into dating.. please share experiences and give advice.


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  • My word of advice, depending on how long this relationship was, is to take six months or so and don't get into any serious relationships. Take some time for yourself, family and friends. As far as dating goes, well when you feel the time is right go out and start dating, there is no right or wrong time, but if you still have feelings for another person, spare the next person you 'want' to date the hardship of being with someone who still has feelings for there ex.

    • Thanks.. I am actually plannin gon movin away shortly.. thinkin of going to spain for a few months.

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  • Trust me at first it hurts to be away from the person you have loved or really cared about. But time heals all. As time goes by you start to find a life without the person. During the break up surround yourself by your friends or family and start to do things you love to keep you as busy as possible. Also I have learned through experience that if you have ever loved somebody it is impossible to be just friends with them. You have to leave ex lovers in the past so you can find somebody who is your one. If your still stuck on your ex then you are blind to whoever may come along. Trust me no break up is going to be easy but sometimes you just have to do it. If you feel it in your heart that what you have with your boyfriend is all wrong then break up with him and start moving on by just doing things on your own.

    • Thanks for your comment. reali appreciate it.. its just hard to cut that string! x

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