How do I get over an ex who has a terminal illness?

I recently got out of a relationywith a man with a terminal illness. He is "healthy" (healthy for him) right now, but I constantly worry about his physicical and mental health because he doesn't talk about it with anyone.
We talked briefly about his physicical health problems, and he was on the border of recognizing his mental health issue the last tom we spoke.
This man treated me horribly in our relationship; cheated on me multiple times, alienated me from his friend group, and constantly gaslighted me. He is now in a relationship with a girl who had a crush on him with I was with him, and who suggested to him that he should break up with me.
To be clear I don't want him back. I don't actywant to think about him ever. But there are days when I break down crying at the very real possibility of him getting sick and dying and I do t know how to stop it. I don't want him to have any kind of power in my life anymore.
How do I get over an ex who has a terminal illness?
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