Ex I still have feelings for added my sister on facebook?

So I dated this guy on and off for a while. We broke up six months ago, it was very messy. He pretty much treated me like a child in the end, like, decided when a topic was 'done' or acted like he knew what was best for me. The times before that were great, I really deeply loved him.
I tried to get him back twice, eventually gave up because nothing worked. So a bit after that he messaged me on facebook saying 'Cool picture' even after I removed him. Then there was just silence for 3,5 months. Then he messaged me on whatsapp and told me how sorry he felt about the way things ended, he misses the sex (really? -.-) and how I deserve better... and that we can't keep in contact even though he was the one who got in touch with me twice before that. I got upset and told him to please leave me alone. I didn't say it because I hated it but it simply got to a point where I didn't want to deal with it any longer.
My friends and everyone who got to meet him assume that he has ego issues, he's sorta insecure and tries to cover it up. Watches videos about how to be 'attractive' all the time and stuff like that. His ex before me didn't treat him that well from what he told me...
Anyhow, two days ago he added my sister on facebook. She ignored it but obviously told me about it. They met only once, seven months ago and she has a boyfriend...
Now I'm confused on what this means? I gave up on the idea of him and me ever having a future together, but he's still one of my favourite what ifs.
Now obviously this doesn't mean anything and it does bother me a little, but it does look like he still thinks of me sometimes or seeks indirect contact? Should I do anything at all?


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  • He looking for sex with either of you

    • Welp but it's been six months, wouldn't it be easier to get sex elsewhere?

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    • I am already xD In every way possible, not only the sexual aspect. It's just difficult trying to get remotely attached to anyone lately

    • Haha naughty

What Girls Said 2

  • He wants sex with her or you

    • Oh well... best to just don't do anything the...

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    • Yeah... I definitly will.

  • Unhealthy relationship. Let t go


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