Dumped by Text?

I was dumped by a text message by my ex... I told them what they did was shitty and told them to leave me alone and not talk to me. Kicked them to the curb... I did the right thing right? Text-dumping is never cool.


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  • That's fair enough... Do you know the reason why she done it by text? I'll admit though I have done that before once because the guy I was seeing would get physical with me and a few other things so I didn't feel at the time it was safe to do in person. Another time I was dealing with really sick family and the few times I would try to break up with him he constantly wouldn't accept that I wanted to break up and kept pushing for me not to end it.

    But every other time I have done it in person which feels so much more the right thing to do.

    • I'm not abusive or aggressive. It came out of the blue actually. She was super affectionate and awesome until literally one weekend! I met her friends, family, talked about getting checked so we could have unprotected intercourse! I thought we were serious!

      One weekend I come to visit and she's cold... I ask what's wrong, talk to me, she says nothing. Two days later, I get an essay. She doesn't feel the same way anymore... Apparently I'm emotionally immature... (She said she dump me in person or by phone because of anxiety and she would have cried... ummmm...) She doesn't like being 'bossy' and dislikes our dynamic... Apparently we don't share the same life goals and she can't see a future with me... Thing is... SHE NEVER ONCE TALKED ABOUT ANY OF THESE THINGS BEFORE. I was like, wtf? If she merely had a conversation with me before (she had a lot OF CHANCES) we could have talked through things and maybe worked things out. There wasn't irreparable damage to the relationship...

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    • Just so you know I wasn't implying that you were abusive or aggressive :-). Yeah meeting friends and family would have given you the impression that things were progressing, if you don't mind me asking was it soon after meeting her family? As maybe they got Into her head which could be why the sudden change.

      And yes I agree with you to call you immature but do that is contradictory.

    • She lives with her Mom, so I actually met her mother after going to her house the 3rd time. Met her step dad some time after that. She's 28. Met her friends near the beginning of the relationship and I got along with them. In fact she invited me to a friend's wedding which I couldn't attend... Met the friends from said wedding on the weekend before she dumped me...

      So I met these people early days... She clearly was having these um... "Issues" before but chose not to bring them up... I remember one week I lost a job, felt terrible, she dropped everything and insisted I spend a few days with her... It was super sweet... So yeah, it still feels out of the blue, still feels sudden. We have not spoken since the breakup 2 weeks ago.

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  • You absolutely did the right thing.

    Ending a relationship by text is definitely shitty and cowardly. Nobody deserves that.

  • She is a coward and avoids confrontation. You did right

  • That's fair.


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