Should I try to talk to her after we both sorta messed up?

Before we start anything, just know that my ex n I are muslims. I am an mma fighter/law student (currently focussing on my studies) and she is also a law student (same school). We were together during our first year.
So it's a long story, but basically my ex and I fell apart after her ex before me broke us up. He texted her and I told her if she still loves him just go and we didn't talk a while after that. Then she calls me and we meet up and says she needs me but then told me that her ex made a proposal ( Im like wtf!!!). She told me she needed me but went out with her ex and he proposed to her. I got really pissed off and raised my voice and told her to get out of my life. She had the sorry look on her face but I didn't care.
I felt like I got played and I started drinking a lot. Then, I just had to tell her what I felt and She then told that me she rejected the proposal but she was so traumatized by what happened the last time and she said she wasn't ready to work things out with me and she needs time.
That hit me hard. My drinking problem got worse during a 3month semester break, I started to drunk text her like a psycho (saying i hate her/love her) and I said nasty stuff, but since that we're both muslims (we're not supposed to be drinking, its haram but i drink anyway and we dont live together), I think she might think I've gone psycho.
Truth was, I was drunk and it shouldn't be an excuse for acting like a jerk. So, I tried to move on and started to get organized again. Its been at least 3 months since I last had a drink and I feel better ( been training mma again but just to maintain my skills and look good) but I feel like a new man.
And now, seeing her again in class this year, (i caught her starring at me a few times and she had that look on her face.(she is still single) I wonder if it would make a difference if I told her the truth about my drinking problem


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  • Bro.. surely u have to talk.. have some patience don't get angry..


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