Girls, Girl Secretely like me or hate me?

Ok it began 1 month ago , I noticed a girl and her friend would laugh at my jokes on the first day of college. But I didn't talk to them. So I seen her on day one and thoinght she was cute. So I seenher on Facebook and decided to add her before introducing myself properly. She didn't accept me but looked sad n depressed upon seeing me. so on Tuesday when she and her course are in my class at lunch I decided to introduce myself to her n her friends. We got talking about future plan and then she because more comfortable. In class. So at break she kept staring at me talking to my friends and looking g me up n down because I wear skinny jeans and workout a lot. So next week I sat at her table and we got involved in a group activity and It quickly turned into her questioning everything I do like what I drink , etc etc and she would lean in and always flirt the whole lesson. So our tutors told us to share contact details to finish work for week after so everyone gave their email. I looked at her and i asked for her number😏 So 10 a while later she interrupted me and gave her number and email. Two days later I call but she's at work. So I left her be and then jokingly asked her advice if I should ask a hot girl out who gave me her number (her name) . She told me she's. It single even though the day before she was lol. So despite that o ignored it and said sorry I though she was. So now we ignored ea h other untill next lesson however all her friends keep staring at me in library. So she text asking for help day before class n I was nice to her etc. So what I want to know is why she keep calling me names if I accidentally ignore her , or her friends stare at me. Why she always flirting in class. N i sent a cya text cz I never said bye in class n she ignore it. Is she really shy and introverted or hate me? 🙄


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  • She's totally into you


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