How would you feel if your ex who you claim to have feelings for and still had sex with suddenly stopped answering your bootycalls and texts?

This guy met me and was really into me from the beg. and quickly pushed for more exclusivity and then a relationship within a couple months but a few days after becoming official he broke up with me because he is extremely unstable emotionally as in throwing tantrums/lashing out and being cruel and he didn't want to treat me that way but he doesn't have control over his emotions right now. We didn't speak for a couple weeks and we saw each other out at a bar and he was all over me saying he loved me, etc. then we were in low low contact and booty called each other but it didn't go through then 3 weeks later we had sex and he had a tantrum but apologized and mentioned he does have feelings for me and asked what I wanted and if i still had feelings for him after all of this then a week later we ran into each other again and had a great night, he was very affectionate though he was drinking, and we slept together again and he asked me to be his girlfriend again but i brushed it off due to the alcohol and sex factors, he left the next morning without waking me then bootycalled me again the next night but I couldn't meet up. He only really bootycalls me now which sucks though he keeps saying he hasn't slept with anyone else without me asking.

I dont regret the sex despite the ridicule it will bring but since the breakup it was like a switch flipped and he doesn't treat me the same as before, as in no effort at all and he also deleted his Facebook altogether. I thought maybe we could do that as I have been kind of waiting around for him or wanting any inclination things will work out but frankly I can't wait for someone only bootycalling me (though I did encourage and participate so that will maybe be confusing for him), and also not treating me with respect and disregarding my feelings.

I have decided to not answer his bootycall if/when it comes this weekend and pretty much disappear.

How do you think he will react or do you think he will even care? Should I tell him why?


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  • Just move on from him. Don't you think you deserve someone who wants you just as much as you want them?

    • I do. Feelings are hard though. And I am trying to now. Like I said I am not going to answer his bootycalls or texts. I wasn't sure if I should explain (like if he texts me more than once or asks why I'm not answering), but I decided against it at the moment even though I want to.

      The question was about if you guys think he's even gonna care or how he'd react, and how would/have you guys reacted to something similar?

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    • It's so nice to hear you say he lead me on. I felt like since I slept with him still and everything that it was on me. I allowed it, yes. But he knows I care and he's not even giving me the minimum but gets drunk and tells me all these things. I am very direct too which is why part of me wanted to communicate why I am no longer speaking to him but I am finally trying to cut off now. Its gonna be hard.. it should be easy but it isn't :/

    • Tender emotions are rarely easy to deal with unfortunately. I hope you can find someone who loves you as much as you love them.

  • "he also deleted his Facebook altogether."

    He might have a new girlfriend

    • This has crossed my mind so many times. If so though, I find it odd to go out of his way to say hasn't had sex with/dated anyone else and he wouldn't when I didn't ask him or act like he owed me anything. Then when I run into him out he's with his buddies, he will be affectionate in public, and the bootycalls come multiple nights a weekend at times. I imagine he would just be sleeping with her. Then the drunk comments asking me to be his girlfriend again (not that I take them seriously).

      and he couldve blocked me like he did on the other social media apps when we first broke up. But we remain fb friends though couldn't chat on there, and he deleted it within the last couple weeks. Again, I feel he would've blocked me

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    • Lol it doesn't have to be that specific. if you had an ex you still talked to/slept with who out of nowhere stopped responding to you, how would you feel?

    • I had an ex I still talked to but not one I slept with.
      We broke up without drama (she feared that). I even went to her marriage and visited them with my then girlfriend , (now my wife).

  • I would feel like crap

    • Even if you were just bootycalling her at the time?

    • Absolutely, I get a strong connection from sex

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