Does this mean he’s not done with me yet? Confusing actions?

He dumped me and said “it’s over, move on” but his actions say otherwise..
One: he messaged me a lot and called twice to apologize for being mean when I texted him, saying things like “(my name)?” “Please I’m sorry”
Two: he said if I didn’t stop messaging him he’d block me. He blocked me. Hours later unblocked and said “are you done?”
Three: got really jealous, and I’m not imagining that either. Even messaged me not to do (certain thing) again because of his jealousy.
Four: said “bye” again, even after the last time he said it, ten-thirty mins later, like he’s coming back.
I asked him “why do you confuse me” he said “bye” then blocked me. Does this mean he’s not done with me?
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  • that dude has some serious problem with letting go, thats all.


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  • He wants to control you, but doesn't think he can get anyone else. Super insecure. He's trying to get you to beg him to come back. Just forget him. Don't give him the time of dag


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  • Games games games. That’s all. He is immature. He doesn’t know how to let go. This is not evidence of love or affection

  • Sounds like he's playing games. Tell him to be straight up

  • dont think he knows what he wants! get rid


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