Exe' s intentions?

It's been a month since me and my ex seen eachother she said we'd be nothing more than friends. We finally met up went out to coffee bean. Then to a mall walked around the setting was really going good. I was being positive, confident, happy, and playful. I had to drop her off at a massage appointment at 4. When we got there she started saying I'm going to take your phone I laughed it off and said yea ok smiling and laughing it off then we played fight she didn't want to give it back then I managed to get it and she was like show me your messages, call log, and photos or ima get mad cause your talking to a girl lying to me. I'm like hold up I don't got to show you anything and the only way your going to see what I have is if you let me see UR phone then she responded wth and I just laughed. I showed her call logs and photos, and messages just to prove her wrong and just laughed it off saying your funny. My qwestion is if we're just friends why would she behave in this manner?


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  • You're not just friends


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