I want serious relationship here?

For life time partner...


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  • Men from India (actually from there, not western-raised) feel entitled to women just for existing. It's disgusting. And the girls there have to wear cow masks because men won't hurt a cow, but will hurt a woman. And when Indian men say they want a life-long relationship, they MEAN it! And not in a romantic way. In a terrifying way. They stalk women, follow them everywhere


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  • I'm confused.

    Are you thinking that by posting what you want on here there will somehow magically be women jumping up and down to satisfy you?

    Or is this a question?

    It's very confusing.

    If you WANT something in your life... money, healthy, women, you have to go and get it.

    You have to EARN it.

    And there's PLENTY of women available.

    So don't be so lazy, get out in the real world and meet some ladies! Find one you like, and if she likes you then get together. If she doesn't like you then QUICKLY move on to the next woman.

    Go take action!

    ~ Robby


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