How do I get over a girl?

Dated a girl for 1.5 year, I fall madly in love with her.. and out of the blue.. she wanted to break up.. mid holiday abroad.. we decided to stay but after we got back in our home country we both took a train home and I never saw her again.. that took me ages to get over.. as in I'm probably still not 100% And it's been 2 years😲


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  • go out and find someone new.

    • Tried that.. Dated a few girls.. never really worked out..

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    • i haven;t had anyone at all. i felt ugly and like a loser for a long time. I broke down yesterday and accepted that its not the end of the world if i don't have someone yet. I'm just working on myself.

    • There is someone for everyone. Something that really helped me with confidence was going to the gym. Building a bit of muscles or just a healthier body makes you feel so much better about yourself. And you can't love someone if you can't love yourself

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