Girls, Does it come across as petty or desperate to wish someone happy Birthday that you no longer talk to?

so this might be a long story but anyway there's a guy that I've known for a while now and really liked. We talked on and off, hung out over the years. Most recently this summer we started talking again. He seemed really interested and just talked different this time, so I had may hopes up things would last, but it didn't. This fall I returned to college and he moved to the next state over to start school. I haven't kept tabs on him since (after we quit talking I kind of unfollowed everything I had him as a friend on so I would have to see his stuff) We didn't have a blow out or anything he pjust got slower at responding before ghosting and I didn't confront him about it or send an I'm done message. His brithday will be coming up, would it come across as desperate of petty to tell him happy birthday? As much as it sucks to say I do still like him. I'm not angry and I don't know if it would look like I'm trying to be the bigger person. Would you or wouldn't you wish the guy a happy birthday? And would you do it privetly as a text or just on Facebook?


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  • I don't think he will really care. You are the only one that this is a big deal too no offense


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