3-4 great months together ended over a single night, what now?

I've met her parents and brother/sister in law, and she met my family and daughter, she had a long relationship before she met me in wich her ex boyfriend cheated on her and that's why they broke up,

we planned to go on a holiday together from last Saturday but Friday morning she texted me she was feeling really bad and scared and she didn't want to go anymore (the week before she said she was really looking forward to it and she hated not seeing me for a while)

she said she didn't know what was happening that she just woke up that way and didn't know what to do, so we cancelled the trip, next morning she came over to pick up her stuff because she wanted to break up.

she discussed it with her family and they also thought she just wasn't ready to have a new relation yet. she said that if she would have been ready we would have stayed together for a long time, she also regretted this happening now but she couldn't help it and she said she might even regret it after a week or so but she didn't want to tag me along this way and be honest towards me,

she said nothing else was wrong, she thanked me for out great time together, she thinks it's better to have no contact now because that would be the fastest way to make things clear for her. she also said she didn't want me to wait for her and if i meet somebody else it would be her loss, that eveything she said was true

i couldn't do more than tell her what i felt for her was real and that i'm really dissapointed but that i wish her and her family the best for the future.

do i have a chance to get back together with her and should i really not text her?
6 November is her birthday, should i send her a text than or anything? it would be 26 days of no contact by then.
is there any chance she will text me in the comming weeks orso?
might she reach out when she thinks she ready to have a relation?

we broke up on 14 October and didn't contact eahother since that day.

i know she said not to wait but she's really amazing


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What Girls Said 1

  • Don’t give up on her would be my advice. You only once find that one special person in ur life.

    • i don't want to give up on her for sure.

      what do you think is the best thing to do now, since she said no contact would be the fastest way to clear things up?

      should i text her for her bithday or just ignore it?

      would love to get female opinion on this problem
      thanks in advance

    • You need to respect her decision and move on. I would not contact her again unless she reaches out first.

What Guys Said 1

  • she has somebody else body

    • i'm sorry but i don't believe that, she isn't that kind of person

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