How do you upload a profile picture to this site?

i can't figure out how to do it please help


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  • Click on the "Account" botton to the right in the box with your username, profile pic, questions, answers etc.

    And right to the left you can see already made pictures that you can chose from, just press "upload picture" and find it! :D

    But remember

    "The optimal icon size is 75x75 pixels, but any image in JPG, GIF, BMP or PNG format can be uploaded as long as your image is less than 1 Megabytes."

    • Opps I meant right to the right* xD But I guess you found it ;)

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  • Go to your account-your profile : link

    under the heading 'My pictures' then 'select picture': there you can browse your hard disk to upload a picture.

    For every picture you upload, you will earn +3 Xper Points.

    You can upload up to 6 pictures.

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