Guys, Does he miss me and/or possibly want me back?

My ex and i were dating for about 5 months when he moved to Thailand to become an English teacher. We were amazing together. The chemistry was there and we were best friends. We decided we will try the long distance thing. It was hard. After a week he said we need to talk. He said he couldnt do it and he doesn't love me anymore. Obviously i was shattered but i was not willing to fight for a relationship where i wasn't loved. He then blocked me on FB and Whatsapp. I know i shouldn't have, but after a few weeks i created another FB account just to see if he was ok. Thats when I saw a few days before had he changed his FB wallpaper to a photo of me and him. And not even 2 days later, i saw a whats app status update from him, meaning he unblocked me. Now, i didn't make any sort of contact with him, his family, friends whatsoever. Does he miss me? Can any guy just give me some indication as to why he is now changing stuff after he said he didn't love me?


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  • I personally think, the break up isn’t because he stopped loving you, but more because the long distance is killing him

    At least that’s how I’d feel, him changing that might mean something, might not.
    Hard to say as an outsider

    But if it were me, I’d probably break it off because of the trouble of not knowing what’s going on back home and not being able to be there for my girl


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