How do I get my girl back? Respond ASAP

When we broke up she said it was because her parents where making her because they didn't trust her and thought she was going to have sex with me. After we broke up she told me she missed me and still loved me, I waited months until we could finally see each other again, we met up at a block party and she said we could probably get back together soon, we kissed hugged etc. Couple days later she was dating a new guy. She said she was sorry but thought it would be better if we just stayed friends. We basically stopped talking for two months, other then small talk every now and then, then she started texting me again as if we had stayed close, in a couple days she said she thought the guy she was dating was going to break her heart, so I talked to her and comforted her. He broke up with her and we started talking allot more, she told me she "loved me as a really close friend" soon we ran into each other at a county fair, she put arm around mine and started talking to me for a little then went back to hanging with her friends, couple days latter we met up there again but started hanging out this time, later in the night another guy kissed her, she was really happy about it, but nothing happened from it, and I saw on his MySpace that he had a girlfriend, Its been about a week and we've only had small talk since. If you read all of that, thank you. I am madly in love with her and have not been able to think, sleep or eat right since I lost her, please help in anyway you can to how I can win her back. A couple things about her are: she is very hyper, talkative, somewhat of a slut but she's still a virgin, and she likes the bad boys


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  • You are a great guy and deserve better. Even if you can win her back she will break your heart again, its only a matter of time. And its diffently not worth it.


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