Should I move on?

I am in a really sad situation. I have a girlfriend whom I love a lot. I give my everything to this relationship but i don't get anything in return ! She is my neighbour , have known her for 11 years and we are in a relation for a period of more than a year. I love her a lot , we broke up thousands of time , but since we cannot live without each other I had to patch up. She will repeat her mistakes hundreds of time and hardly learns anything from it.. she made me cry many a time due to his behaviour. A lot of guys has crush on her , this made her egoistic and full of pride. She is full of ego but she loves me. What should I do? A final breakup? Giving her less attention? Any other helpful suggestions?
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  • Be in a relationship , but now instead of being a loyal guy , be selfish
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Breakup , it's clearly not working, and it never will unless you both make changes. She's not changing because she knows you'll take her back. There's no boundaries within the relationship, so it'll continue to be an unhealthy relationship.

    There's more to a relationship than love. Love alone, is not enough to make a relationship survive. Sometimes in life , couples have to accept they can't be together , no matter how much they love one another.

    A relationship will never work without making changes , compromises and self-sacrifices. Effective communication is essential too. There's neither of those within your relationship.

    It's pointless to keep running back to a relationship that's not working. It's like continuously trying to start a car that's ran out of gas. It'll never work until you fix what's broken

    • I am the one whose trying to fix it... I must say she changed a bit but not a lot.

Most Helpful Guy

  • you deserve better let her face reality..
    i am sure there are things initially she also dont like in you and now they have gone from your behaviour. i would suggest just bring them back and show her mirror.
    you know every time if you try to patch up again it make her feel more proudy and she will show more attitude.
    so this thims when things go south just don't try to patch up.. let her to come back to you. but be sure that it was of her fault not yours

    • I have tried it many a times.. the longest duration of our break up was not more than 5 days. I don't know I feel sad and I want to come back when she msgs or calls me

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    • I don't think you have future with her.
      i think you should try to slowly get out of this suffocating relationship

    • I am really fucked !

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What Girls Said 2

  • dude, as the famous internet quote said: If you cried a lot when you're dating someone, you should ask youself, are you dating a human or an onion?

    dating should be fun, especially at your age. if it takes away your fun, it's not right :)

    • Thank you ! But it would be very difficult ! She lives nearby. I'll se her everyday

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    • I will try my best!

    • Hey , can you help me in writing a long bye - bye letter to her

  • Move on


What Guys Said 1

  • If you are under the age of 25, don't fret about it. Been there done that.

    • Have done it thousands of time , never worked. She finally brought me back. I am fucked !

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    • Not downing your feelings but the first thing you mentioned when I said leave her was her looks. You don't love her

    • I love her like hell. Read my post , I have written it. I truly love her deeply

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