Should I move on?

I am in a really sad situation. I have a girlfriend whom I love a lot. I give my everything to this relationship but i don't get anything in return ! She is my neighbour , have known her for 11 years and we are in a relation for a period of more than a year. I love her a lot , we broke up thousands of time , but since we cannot live without each other I had to patch up. She will repeat her mistakes hundreds of time and hardly learns anything from it.. she made me cry many a time due to his behaviour. A lot of guys has crush on her , this made her egoistic and full of pride. She is full of ego but she loves me. What should I do? A final breakup? Giving her less attention? Any other helpful suggestions?
Final breakup
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Give her less attention
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Be in a relationship , but now instead of being a loyal guy , be selfish
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Should I move on?
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