Can trust be ever replaced in a relationship?

A seven year old relationship. A year of long distance. A relationship no more. That explains most of the relationships we know of today. It all kicks off with over-whelming love. Gifts are exchanged, kisses are stolen, white lies to parents abound. A few years later the bond grows stronger and sometimes the knot is tied. But then when distance creeps in... so creeps in loyalty and trust. I lost someone very close just on the context of trust. Maybe I was a fool. Maybe I did trust more. But the context remained the same. We did not trust each other anymore.


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  • I saw this thing somewhere that's like, if you take a new piece of paper, it's perfectly smooth and nice and then you crumple it up. You can try to smooth the paper back out but it's never gonna be the way it was before. That's what trust is like


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  • My own relationship actually started with 3 years of long.. looong distance and without trust, there would have never been a point in it.
    I don't think that it can ever be replaced, as a relationship can't be kept up without it.
    When you truly love someone, you trust them aswell.. when they mistrust you or betray you in your own trust, they've never been worth staying with in the first place.

    • But if you trust then why do we need to prove it all the time... why can't it be silent... just like affection...

    • It can be.. some partners would allow that.. some others would want to make you jealous.. some others actually need space.
      I don't know why some people are like that, really.. maybe they were cheated on before or were betrayed by someone else already.. in the end, it sadly is us who have to prove ourselves against some idiots out of their past.
      I for myself couldn't stand anyone but the silent affectionate type you described however, so I also don't date anyone but that.

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