Girlfriend gets drunk as hell at clubs?

My girlfriend is in Spain at the moment (she's Spanish and she stays where she grew up with friends etc.) and that's all fine, but I worry when she goes to clubs. She gets drunk as hell and I feel kinda suspicious and something else but I don't know what it is when she tells me she gets pretty drunk and then goes and dances with other guys. I know I sound like that "over protective boyfriend" type but when she tells me that she hasn't done anything I believe her. It doesn't help either that she goes almost every week.

I go to clubs but I don't get smashed. I might drink a couple of things and I'll be a little tipsy but nothing special. I tried to ask her today to not drink as much but she didn't catch on -_-.

The relationship is good, we've been going out for two years and don't have any problems at the moment.

What I want to know is this. Is there anything I can do to properly find out if she is doing anything such as cheating on me or anything that gives it away? I'm pretty good at finding out when people lie and I know her really well so it isn't really hard, but when it's over MSN and the phone it's pretty hard to realize.

General help is also happily accepted or different points of view. I hate having this feeling of something like dread? Seeing as this is a long and loving relationship. Thanks all from now if you reply :)


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  • All I can say is my ex was worried about that stuff just like you. I can only tell you what NOT to do from a chicks perspective. If your girl goes out, if she loves you, the last thing on her mind is a hook up. She probably doesn't realize how much you worry because she knows that she is not doing anything wrong. She tells you what she does and where she goes, therefore she isn't hiding it from you. Next thing I can say is please don't get jealous and begin questioning, if you trust your girl and she feels like you do, she will live up to that trust, if you constantly accuse her of stuff, she will begin to believe that you think so little of her. And she will only distance herself from you.There's nothing better than a boyfriend that can also be a friend and listen to the stories of what you did on the weekend with your friends without freaking out. It will be better if you push your insecurities aside and realize that she has been with you for a long time. If she's still with you, your the only one she wants.

    • I think you have the wrong idea. It makes me really happy to hear my girlfriend has gone out and had loads of fun. I don't have problems talking about those things with her. It's the getting drunk part that worries me. When she's drunk and at a club and dancing with guys, they're not going to care if she's single or not and she probably won't tell them so they'll assume she's single and try something and she might go along with it seeing as she is drunk. That's what my worry is.

    • Well ithe only way that anything could happen is if she got so drunk to the point where someone could take advantage of her. If she's out with friends she will be safe. Usually in clubs if your drunk you get kicked out. No matter how drunk she get she won't forget she has a boyfriend. Just explain to her that you would feel a lot less stressed and worried if she cut down the drinking a bit.If she is getting drunk to the point where she may do something stupid, then she should probably do it anyway

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  • of course, its normal to feel like youve been cheated on especially by the fact that she's going out and doing suspicious things. I think its perfectly fine to feel protective because you're doing your job. I feel like when it comes to drinking and clubbing, the worst case scenario is girls getting raped. who knows if guys are drugging them just to flip them out, if you know what I mean.

    she needs to realize that this relationship is special to you. she needs to tone the clubbing down. it doesn't necessarily mean that you're cutting down on all her fun, she can do it, just not to a point when she starts to hurt you.


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  • Fly over there and do a little cloak and dagger. Spy on that girl and see what you can find.


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