How do I help my boyfriend?

He has severe anger management issues.
He gets absolutely out of control at the point you cannot talk to him and if you even try he will shake and scream and eventually leave the house.

I have no idea how to help or make him understand this is something he needs help with.


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    You have to get to the source of why exactly he's angry. Even tho sometimes he may not show it there will be a reason. Once that reason is helped or sorted he will lower the anger. If it's over something you cannot control like playing games or something it's much harder to control. How old is he?

    • He is 28...
      I don't understand what gets him out of control. The only thing he would do is to be stuck on games all day and when I ask what is wrong he won't say a thing but send me away.
      He's not always like this but is happening really often lately... Is hard...

    • Do you know if he's getting angry because of the games or because you're distracting him from games?

    • He does not like me to ask him to get off the games for a while... but at times it feels like I annoy him in any way I could get close to him.
      We have some financial issues... maybe this could cause stress but I do not see how is my fault. :/

  • Bet he wouldn't have anger issues around. someone who wasn't intimidated by him


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